Guide for Contacting College Rowing Coaches

How to Contact College Coaches

college rowing coaches

Contact Rowing Coaches


Found a great free eBook to contacting college coaches here: Contacting Coaches for Athletic Scholarships

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ERG Times for a Rowing Scholarship

ERG and Scholarships

ERG and Scholarships

Row to College?

How does the ERG time play into rowing and crew scholarship offers?

The ERG is the almighty standard by which you can get noticed, and typically a benchmark for coaches to evaluate new recruits.  Many coaches will use this as a key screening method in their recruit questionnaires.  Many coaches are now using the 10 second power test as well to evaluate.  There are a number of sites on the web that show top ERG rankings for high school rowers, including the Concept2 Log, US Rowing and Recruiticus.  Below are some great links:

5 Tips to Get Noticed for a Rowing Scholarship

ERG Times for a Scholarship

Rowing Camps


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Rowing in College and How to Get a Rowing Scholarship

How to Row in College with a Rowing Scholarship

This Blog is dedicated to providing information on Rowing Scholarships and Rowing in College.  It can be a challenging road, and hopefully you will find all the information and posts helpful.

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